Platforms like DeFine enable artists and creators to mint NFTs and sell to buyers who want to own an NFT on the blockchain. With its integration with TRON, DeFine aims at reducing transaction costs. DeFine has issued unique identity badges to its customers, and now with this integration, this exclusive social profile system will get introduced to the TRON ecosystem. With TRON’s high performance and low cost and DeFIne’s exclusivity feature, the NFT marketplace gets a much-needed booster shot.

Storage Creation

This integration of TRON and DeFine is going to enhance the storage capacity of the NFT works immensely. The storage system has more than 100 million community members across numerous trading platforms. This massive user base and circulation potential is a major impetus to the marketplace. The official integration with BTFS storage under TRON is scheduled for next month.

Global footfall

The major objective of the integration is to further the growth of the NFT ecosystem by seeking out NFTs from the world market. The creators can now engage with the followers through these digital assets. TRON and APENFT have opened a whole new world of possibilities for artists, gamers, athletes, musicians, and other influencers.

Other Objectives

This partnership is creating avenues to transform the NFT market such that artists get greater support and visibility. It is now possible to socialize NFTs and interestingly build communities of followers. DeFine, TRON, and APENFT all put together will result in optimization of NFT storage solutions, greater adoption of NFT artworks and NFT assets. DeFine ‘s platform supports Ethereum (ETH/USD) network and Binance Smart Chain and is working on multi-chain NFT development. 

What’s NFT Plus?

TRON ecosystem is set to welcome the revolutionary NFT PLUS, all thanks to DeFine. By this, the NFT application can be taken much beyond just the art industry. It can now connect NFTs to any measurable rights and interests. The clause of asset subjectivity seems to be getting diffused by the smart incorporation of the assets in metaverse and blockchain. DeFine has revolutionized the TRON ecosystem by introducing this feature of NFT PLUS.


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