Price Chart of TRX/USD

Tron Price history

Tron aims to create a world with free content entertainment system. The protocol allows the users to publish, store, and distribute their own data, to provide them with the complete rights on their content. The creators are only given the power to decide how, when, and at what cost they want to share their content. TRX is a cryptocurrency that runs on Tron.

In 2017, TRX marked a tremendous jump and came to $0.01937 from $0.003916 within a month. The reason for the surge is the big announcements that Justin Sun made. The speculation that Tron will possibly go in partnership with Chinese ECommerce Company Alibaba has also caused Tron prices to hike.

From December 09, 2017, to January 09, 2018, the TRX price rose 3,650%. Tron gained the interest of investors due to its rapid growth. The founder of Tron, Justin Sun, has already been listed in the Forbes “30 under 30”. Sun also has close ties with Jack Ma, who is a founder of Alibaba – a Chinese e-commerce company. As Tron successfully secured its partnership with big content entertainment industries like UPLive, oBike,, Bitman, it is expected that its future is bright.