What is TRC20?

The token TRC20 is a technical standard that has its basis in executing smart contracts in the TRON network while issuing tokens. TRC20 shares complete compatibility with the ERC20 token of the Ethereum network.

Explanation of How to Create TRC20 Token

The creation of a TRC20 token requires a TRON address and a smart contract. One can conduct trading in TRC20 at leading market exchanges and participate in the ICO crowd-sale of different firms to accumulate TRC20 tokens. The tokens can be used for making payments at DApps for the development of crypto-based projects. As per TRX News, One of the most popular uses of the TRC20 token is the facilitation of instant and conditional transactions. At the TRC20 network, the system of bonus distribution works on the basis of first-come-first-serve. TRC20 is known to possess a higher level of bandwidth capacity and energy than the token TRC10.

Common Features of TRC20 Tokens

The salient characteristics of the TRC20 token are listed below:

  • TRC20 tokens ensure secure protection of transactions that take place across the peer to peer decentralized TRON network.
  • The network enables the swapping of tokens and allows the users to use and pay for the services of DApps.
  • The token-holders can get unlimited access to the data of DApps with the TRC20 token.
  • The public distributed ledger helps in tracking the transactions that take place across the network most efficiently.
  • The holders of the token can use TRON wallets to store the tokens. The wallets are compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.
  • The token offers a high value of throughput through the rapid execution of transactions every second.
  • TRC20 token possesses high scalability and supports several users, thereby leading to a speedy expansion in business.
  • The mechanism of distribution of rewards is highly reasonable as the high level of decentralization of the TRC20 token maintains the inherent value of the token at a profitable standard.
  • The token interface is not only user-friendly and highly customizable but is also vested with seamless accessibility to smart contracts.
  • The token structure may be intricate, but it is still convenient for TRC20 investors to get acquainted with the intricacies.
  • A disadvantage of investing in TRC20 tokens is that there is no security against investors’ losses.
  • The TRON network uses the foremost storage systems like KhaosDB and levelD for holding the TRC20 tokens.

An important security measure available for the investors of the TRC20 token is that the network implements the robust proof of stake consensus mechanism. The POS mechanism prevents the issue of counterfeit chains and thereby protects the users against counterfeit chains.

Steps to Create TRC20 Token

Follow the steps below for the creation of the TRC20 token:

  • Install the Google Chrome plugin of the wallet of TRONLink and then add the extension to the Chrome browser.
  • Update the environment for the creation by upgrading to Shasta testnet.
  • Open an account to issue the tokens.
  • Decide the name of the token and determine its symbol as well. Do not forget to set the total supply of tokens to be in circulation before proceeding to the next step.
  • Click on the button “Create Wallet” to create the wallet for holding TRC20 tokens.
  • Make sure that you hold the minimum amount of 10 TRX in your account.
  • It is now time to configure the contract code by filling in the important details such as the token name, token symbol, and total supply of circulation of the tokens.
  • Set the TRONScan tool for deployment right before the installation of the TRC20 contract.
  • Upload the contract code before proceeding with the compilation of the contract.
  • Press the confirm button now for deploying the contract by utilizing the TRONBox.
  • Take note of the contract address displayed in the TRONLink signature dialog box that pops up on the screen.
  • Add the TRC20 tokens to the newly created TRONLink.
  • One can also employ TRONScan to get access to the homepage of the contract.
  • Submit the pertinent details such as the address of the contract, contract compiler version and license, and the name of the contract for the successful validation of the smart contract.
  • The information entered in the previous step has to match the information mentioned in the smart contract of TRC20.
  • Confirm the issuance of the TRC20 token in the pop-up dialog box that appears on the website.
  • Press the confirmation button again and enter the signature through the TRONLink pop-up box.
  • Take note of the successful recording of the token at this step.
  • Complete the registration of the newly created TRC20 token with TRONScan.
  • Install the tool TRONWeb for integrating the TRON smart contract and initiate the token transfer.


The TRC20 tokens can be employed in several industries like financial services, supply chain management, real estate, insurance, healthcare, etc. All that an organization needs to do is form a team of developers to create and support the decentralized network of TRC20 to conduct business without intermediaries’ intervention. Apart from this, Stay tuned with us to get the latest news about TRX, live prices of TRON (TRX), and future TRON Prediction by crypto experts.


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